Watch your words and understand the nuances of the websites you use

Well, I can’t emphasise enough on watching one’s step on social media. For a generation, moving on from personal emails to open source twitter, privacy sometimes is difficult to get. It is very important for all of us to understand the nuances of the websites or the social platforms that you use. The importance of this understanding become three fold for ‘famous’ folks or for folks who want to be in the limelight some day. An article published today illustrates this;

Melbourne: Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice has lost her sponsorship contract with Jaguar after making an alleged anti-gay comment on a social networking site, local media reported on Tuesday. 

The 22-year-old swimmer courted controversy with a “faggot” remark on Twitter following Australia’s nail-biting 41-39 victory over South Africa in Bloemfontein at the weekend.
Rice subsequently apologised and deleted the comment but could not save her contract with the luxury car brand. 
“We made a decision yesterday, and we’ve terminated the agreement with her,” Mark Eedle, Jaguar Australia’s marketing and public affairs manager, was quoted as saying by a newspaper. Rice will also lose the Jaguar XF car she was given in February when the deal was inked.

The most popular social media websites today are facebook and twitter. There are a lot of common users present on both these platforms but there is a significant difference on how these websites are used.

1. Popular among users who want to connect with friends and use it to log their personal information.  
2. Effective, selective information privacy settings.

1. To the point messaging in 140 characters, appeals to a more professional set of users. 
2. Used as a PR tool.
3. No selective privacy settings – either your tweets are open to the word or open to only an approved set of followers.
Shivani GargWatch your words and understand the nuances of the websites you use

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