What does love mean to you?

Again, I come back to the most talked about emotion in the world – Love! This time this is going to be a question, that I want to ask you to answer. In an evening conversation with a lawyer friend and a copywriter friend, we started debating heatedly on an accepted belief that ‘Love is selfless’. Let’s consider Love as one and not a different feeling between ‘couples’, ‘parents’, ‘siblings’ or for that matter even an ‘act’ or ‘thing’.

My question is –

1. What does Love mean to you? (Give me your point of view or quote instances that have affected you personally.)

2. Complete the sentence for me – 

   I Love _______________________________________________ .

Contribute to this post by answering these and let’s discuss this further.


Shivani GargWhat does love mean to you?

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  1. Anshul

    Love is the most amazing feeling, and an illusion at the same time, which can do wonders for you, and can destroy you emotionally at same time. (experienced both sides personally) Ironically, you cant avoid it happening unless you have enough experience of it. Prone to fall for it, experience it.

    I love myself now, hence stopped loving any1 else.

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