Windows Free Lunch. Not!


Finally, Windows has realised that In India, we prefer a free lunch and if it is not offered to us, we take the ‘Jugaad’ (read piracy) route. The other day while driving back home from Gurgaon, I heard  a radio spot announcing the windows free PC Scan software being distributed with copies of all leading magazines in India. I thought of the catch and smiled to myself, they’re trying to give India, exactly what it wants – Free Stuff 🙂

Then, I saw this Ad banner on the homepage of, pretty aggressive marketing for an ‘Issued in Public Interest’ message, eh? Impressive how they’re trying to kill piracy by targeting illegal consumers and distributing PC Scans free which would track down the authenticity of Windows OS installed on the PCs. If found to be pirated, the scan will obviously, block it.

Nice Srategy. Let’s see how many of them actually fall for it.

Shivani GargWindows Free Lunch. Not!

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