Drive #LIKEAGIRL Hell Yeah !

I wanted to share #LIKEAGIRL with you guys before you are bombarded with it on social media channels where half the people love it and the other half are tearing it apart just because it has a logo in the end.

Sure it’s an ad and It’s sponsored by a brand but that’s not the takeaway! The most important part is the message and I LOVE it. Always does not sell in India so I might probably never buy it but it’s gotten a message through to a worldwide audience. Someone in india is blogging about it, that’s what is to be applauded.

As a woman in India, I am a constant audience to men being dismissive of women.
“You won’t be able to lift it, it’s too heavy.”
“You can’t travel alone.”
“Wait, I’ll change the CFL. Of course not, you won’t know what to do.”
“I’ll show you how to install that software.”

Recently, I had someone offering to help me reverse my car because he thought I won’t be able to. I mean I had someone else’s driver telling me ‘Ma’am Nahin hoga, aap utro, main kar deta hoon.’ Thanks for the help dude, but what you really mean is ‘Ma’am AAPSE Nahin hoga (GIRL=Bad Driver), I’ll do it for you (I’m a man hence > YOU). HA HA

I actually asked him, “Agar Nahin hoga, to aap Kaise karenge?“,reversed my car from that tight spot and zoomed off like a queen. Now, call me bratty but I felt on top of the world!

The sad part is, when I see someone making a glaring mistake on the road, I know it’s a woman (9 out of 10 times). So that driver wasn’t wrong in his perception.

likeagirl-always-ad Question: So is it true that Women can’t drive ? Is #LIKEAGIRL a misnomer or a valid phrase?

What I believe: It becomes true for women who let themselves believe that they are in a way less capable than boys or what others are saying has to be correct just because all of them say so!

That’s exactly what happens in the first part of the video, Girls run ‘Like a Girl’ and enjoy it without realizing that it’s actually an insult! Interestingly, the younger girls run like they actually do and are rather confused about what people mean by #LIKEAGIRL. This clearly brings out conditioning and it’s not just in India, but world over.

It’s like those pathetic clich├ęs

That boy was flirting with me, I told him my boyfriend was a wrestler.

Eh? Why didn’t you tell him you were not interested? Isn’t that a good enough reason for him to stop bothering you?

So girls, women, realise that you’re not what the world tell you, you are or you don’t have to be, what the world wants you to be. You’re not supposed to be like so-and-so’s daughter or ‘the most elegant lady’ alive today. You’re not a trophy wife, who’ll sit on the mantle. You’ll drive, you’ll question, you’ll have guy friends and nudge them when a boy walks up to you and acts, well, #LIKEABOY

You can’t be what you can’t see.

So, let’s kick some ass today girls, #LIKEAGIRL !

Shivani GargDrive #LIKEAGIRL Hell Yeah !

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