Why Nivea Mom’s Touch CSR campaign is believable.

I’m writing after a long time and I have good reason for it. Nivea is promoting a CSR activity which I came across this morning and thought it would be another thing that wants promotions to create goodwill or increase sales. But this video actually moved me !

Before that, a little background:

In India, there are several families in urban centers without enough resources, who struggle to earn a livelihood and have no means to secure the future of their children. Consequentially, these children run the risk of becoming victims of neglect and child labour, as more children start to drop out when they reach secondary school to earn and feed the family. It takes great courage for mothers of such children to sacrifice that money and let their children go to school everyday.

NIVEA‘s CSR program “MOM’s Touch” is aimed at saluting and supporting the effort of these ‘Super Moms’ by supporting them and their families with monthly household groceries.

In order to spread the word about Mom’s Touch and help many more such moms, a digital film was created. The children of these extraordinary moms expressed their gratitude and narrated stories of sacrifices made by their moms to send them to school every day.

Why the film moved me

The stories are so real ! We see such mothers all around us everyday as maids, house help, cleaners, assistants and minor workers. They are the actual heroes for their children. Many times, they get beaten up for the fact that they go to work but they still get up everyday and go because of their children. Many of them don’t even tell their husbands they work outside as a maid because they might not appreciate it but the woman understands the needs of her children and silently puts herself to work without putting undue pressure on her husband or family. I commend such women and I was really touched with these stories.

Why I thought the initiative is believable and decided to support it

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 3.02.21 pm For this bit I have two simple reasons – First, it’s a campaign that I expected to see on Mother’s Day and was pleasantly surprised to see it out of context. Well, there is context, everyday, every moment to talk about women issue, about mothers but we don’t, do we?

Second, For once a Women’s Beauty Brand is not talking about the physical beauty but the inner strength and they are also giving away groceries to such women ! Now, that’s what moms want, a little help to help them give their children a better life, not a beauty product to try !

So, hope you well Nivea India in this genuine CSR activity of yours !

You can read more about Nivea Mom’s Touch Stories, here.

Shivani GargWhy Nivea Mom’s Touch CSR campaign is believable.

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