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Wooplr-fashion-discovery-app-user-generatedCompany: Wooplr.com

About the Company: Wooplr’s mission is to connect people with stores based on interests, location and social circles. They want to bring back the joy and social nature of shopping. The aim is to help people make decisions related to shopping a lot easier on their phones; wherever they are, whenever they want. Apart from a in house team and full time jobs in Bangalore, they are also open to work at home internships and being a startup, if you’re able to churn good work and they are happy with it, I’m sure you can get them to engage you on a fully paid work at home project. All the best !


Positions: Interns

Who are they looking for – A social bee, a tech geek or someone who simply wants to discover the best in themselves.

Physical Offices: Bangalore, Mumbai & Hyderabad

Email them: jobs@wooplr.com

Apply for Internships here.
Shivani GargWooplr.com – Work At Home Internships

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